Brains or balls.
Which makes the difference?


"a creative thinker must be fearless"...

From the Braniff Airways account to MTV. From 92 incredible covers for Esquire to developing the concept of 'the big idea'. George Lois takes no prisoners. So Mr Lois, which are more useful? Brains or Balls ?

Balls without brains makes you a blowhard. 

Brains without balls makes you a loser.

I deal with your question in many ways in my book, DAMN GOOD ADVICE, when I say, “You can be cautious or you can be creative – but there’s no such thing as a cautious creative,” I’m insisting that a creative thinker must be fearless – the bigger the balls the better.

When I say, “Make your presence felt!,” again, I’m talking about big balls.

When I say “Reject Group Grope,” “Never eat shit,” “Speak truth to power,” “Never, ever, work for bad people,” Going “head-to-head” with clients, “Be confident of your own edgy, solo talent,” “Don’t be cocky, but you must be cocksure,” and “If all else fails, threaten to commit suicide,” I’m talking about big balls, baby!

For those who simply can’t muster the courage to live a life of prideful work, I say, “Reach down inside yourself and you’ll find the courage.”


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