I want to be stylish - can I have a couple of tips?

Samson Soboye

“Being stylish shouldn't be a chore, a bore or laborious”

Fashion designer, stylist and creative entrepreneur Samson Soboye’s east London-based, African-inspired boutique SOBOYE reflects his passion for colour, pattern, texture and infusing his Nigerian heritage into contemporary London style.

Samson has a big laugh with a personality and look that is full-blooded, and doesn’t do things by half.

As a middle-aged guy whose idea of style is, let's say, dangerously close to ‘the Top Gear’ look I wanted my question was “I want to be stylish - can I have a couple of tips”?

Be brave, courageous and don’t get stuck in a style rut.

Samson Soboye, A Curate's Egg

Try out new things – look at the style of the people whose dress sense you admire and emulate. You might not want to express the total look but elements of it but see what works for you. If doesn’t work for you don’t force it. Being stylish shouldn’t be a chore, a bore or laborious… Invest in some good pieces like great shoes, a decent jacket, well fitting trousers. Have fun with it.

Samson Soboye, A Curate's Egg

What ingredients make for something being stylish?

Style is very personal and individual. Many factors come into play when assessing what makes something or someone stylish. When a person is well put together you notice them first before you notice their clothes. Their clothes enhance their personality and fit with their lifestyle. It’s about wearing what suits you and wearing it with confidence. Not slavishly following trends and wearing whatever is fashionable or the ‘latest’. Having the right cut, fit and style of clothing for your body shape and size is important. Luckily, we do not have to spend a fortune to look good these days. Wearing head-to-toe designer labels does not make you stylish!

Samson Soboye, A Curate's Egg

Fashion is fleeting – so what builds a legacy?

Certain pieces of clothing have become iconic through celebrity endorsement: biker jackets, jeans, tailored suits, brogues, trilbies and these are now deemed as modern classics…Legacy building can be achieved by having a style that is uniquely yours and you stick to it no matter what. When the status quo becomes accustomed to that look that and adopting it as theirs it becomes a legacy. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, RUN DMC, The Sex Pistols, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Fela Kuti, Che Guevera, David Bowie, Steve McQueen, Sade and many more influenced generations and their legacies live on in the way they have influenced how people have dressed over time.

Samson Soboye, A Curate's Egg

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