Are two heads better than one?


"there's a million more possibilities"...

Recognised by Print Magazine as 'one' of the 15 most exciting visual artists under 30 in the world, the Yarza twins create eye-popping illustration design and typography. Yes, they are twins, but claim not to be telepathic. So twins, are two heads better than one?

For us, definitely.

We both have very different abilities and ideas and the fact that we come together and contrast them opens a door to a million more possibilities.

We are also lucky for being family, family can say things in the face without overthinking too much, we are constantly criticising our ideas and approaches until we both find what is the best solution.


Above is the twins new/old font Batavier (rescued from a 1920s travel poster). So we also asked a couple of stupid font questions:

‘How do I pick the right font for the right job?’

It depends, we usually follow the best foundries that offer the most edgy and interesting in type design. Sometimes you feel that you need a cool and distinctive font, and we would look for it or, when possible, we would create it ourselves. Others you can feel like keeping it down with a regular font but marking the identity with that weird curve on the C or an interesting E

‘Does every typeface start with a single character?’

We normally start with a single character, develop then a set, and transform it until it is completely different to the original, other times the font may come from a curve, a shape or a pattern.

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