What makes for a 'black pencil idea'?

Bruce Duckworth &
Mark Bonner

“It’s not a stupid question!...”

If you are reading this you are probably very familiar with the work of current D&AD president Bruce Duckworth, and last but one president Mark Bonner. Yes they are talented, but like all the most talented they are also true gents. So here are their winning strategies…

Bruce Duckworth

A Black Pencil celebrates work that is truly ground breaking. It celebrates the sort of work that is truly original, work that tends to be significantly influential for years to come.

Mark Bonner

To win a black pencil, you need an idea that turns everyone green.

Duckworth & Bonner

The latest black pencil, an exhibition and sale of Washi tape ‘mt’ by iyamadesign inc.

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