How do you see with a
child's eyes again?


"Childhood, that strange and exciting world"...

MR CLEMENT draws inspiration from manga, porn, classical music and popular culture. This informs his beautifully simple graphic and sculptural work. But he also talks about reaching for the direct way with which children see the world. So, mr clement, how do you see through the eyes of a child again?

Again?  I think I still do it all the time, although now I also know what it means to see through an adult’s eyes.

I used to think solo travels helped see the world through a child’s eyes but actually relocation may be the best way to keep you fresh and young.

Start a new life in a country of different language and culture. House hunting, finding the nearest supermarket and pub, making new friends, getting lost…

It is a bit like re-experiencing childhood, that strange and exciting world.

If you want something more instant though: weed and chocolate.


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