Detail or simplicity?


“Creativity is a big word…”

Faunesque (Philippe Constantinesco to his friends) is a graphic artist based in Paris. His work is characterised by its natural themes, fine detailing and rich complexity. So we thought he’d be the right person to ask which matters more - detail or simplicity?

Details (plural) of course.

It’s very hard for me to know when I stop an illustration. I always want to add some details. As in nature actually, it’s always growing.

Is creativity a calling or an obsession?

I’m not sure I consider myself creative. It’s a big word and I don’t know what it really means… Occasionally ideas come and go and fall into place.

Is nature the ultimate inspiration?

Recently I’ve been to the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken, Belgium. I took 200 photos of plants, leaves and flowers. Humanity is still looking for solutions in nature and is constantly inspired by it. Do not we say “nature is well made”?

Nature can be oppressive, but I love it that way.

Faunesque, A Curate's Egg
Faunesque, A Curate's Egg
Faunesque, A Curate's Egg
Faunesque, A Curate's Egg

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